Guardian Bulldogs LEMC
Guardian Bulldogs LEMC
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About us

Guardian Bulldogs LEMC Germany

The Guardian Bulldogs LEMC is a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.

That means, any Clubmember is an active or retired Law Enforcement officer (police, customs, military...), or, after intense checks, ppl that are absolutely loyal to Law Enforcement and Laws.

The Guardian Bulldogs LEMC was founded in 2014 , on one hand to bring Law Enforcement workers who share a passion for riding motorbikes together on a basis of Brotherhood, Family, Loyalty and on the other hand, because there was no Club that fulfilled our views and expectations.

The purpose of this club is, to promote brotherhood among all Law Enforcement Authorities beyond daily duties and to get in touch with other LEMC`s.

We live by the motto: "one for all and all for one!" and support each other as well as, in emergency cases, the member`s families.

The Guardian Bulldogs LEMC is a family related motorcycle club and
dissociates expressly from all Outlaw activities and 1%er MC´s.

The Guardian Bulldogs LEMC is no Supporter Club of any other LEMC or MC. It is absolutely independent.

We do not sell Colors or Membership, Membership has to be earned by fraternalism, loyalty, honesty and commitment!

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