Guardian Bulldogs LEMC
keep the blue line


Guardian Bulldogs LEMC Germany

1. The club`s name is „Guardian Bulldogs LEMC“
2. We do not claim any territories and we operate nationwide
3. Every Member has to pay an anual fee. This money may only be used for clubespenses that will be decided upon by voting (parties and such)
4. The club is a socalled Non-Profit-Organization i.e. it does not make profits and operates charitably
5. No Member will get any earnings of any possible club incomes
6. Colors and Patches can be borrowed. For this there has to be paid a fee, corresponding to the actual costs of the patches and insignia.

7. The club`s insignia will stay the club`s property and have to be returned upon leaving the club. Moreover all pictures, insignia, colors, even in parts, must not be used by anyone without permission by the founders. You break this rule, you are sued.Tattoos will be removed with a grinder! :-)

8. Officers of the club are:

President-presides gatherings, king of the ring;

Vice President- as its said;

Secretary- secretary (writes down important stuff);

Treasurer-takes care about the money;

Road-Captain-planning of tours;

Sgt at Arms-responsible for trouble

In the Bembeltown Chapter all of the above is done by the VP


9. Officers will be elected demcratically
10. Every Member has one (1) vote, every vote is equitable.
11. The two founders of the club have life-time membership and can only be voted out if they violate rule 14.
12. Position of Colors:

On the back of the vest in following order:

Top Rocker: Guardian Bulldogs

Centerpatch: Bulldog

Bottom Rocker: State

Side Rocker right: Chapter Patch(region)

The LE Patch worn on the left side (centered) of the Bulldog

The MC Patch worn on the right side (centered)of the Bulldog

There will be NO other patches on the back

Front of the vest as follows (obligatory order):

Front left: Name or Nickname

Front left: Officer`s Patch

Front right: Founder Patch (if founder)

Front right: Baldie Crew Patch (if bald; others may be chosen with consent of the founders)


Other patches, pins and insignia may be worn on both sides on the front, below the former mentioned Patches

Forbidden Patches, Pins or Insignia:

It is forbidden to wear any patches, pins or insignia that are against the (national) laws, furthermore it is not allowed to wear stuff that insults or discriminates.
In general the vest is to mirror the pride in family, country, society,
profession and brotherhood.
Any violation that is not immediately stoped, is to be punished by the corresponding chapter.
There will be only one (1) set of patches given to each member. If this set is destroyed, worn or otherwise unwearable, this member has to contact its President or Vice Pres to get a new set.
13. To become a member you have to be male, 18+, active or retired member of the Law Enforcement, or at least you MUST defend the laws of your Country as well as the idea of democracy, owner of a Motorbike from 500ccm upwards (no special brand)and of course own a valid driver`s license for motorbikes.
14. Criminals in common, child abusers, rapists and animal abusers in particular, are to be banned from the club immediately.
15. The club does NOT associate or socialize with so called OMCG´s or 1%er MC´s. We won`t accept outlaw activities as well. Any Member socializing with clubs mentioned above and thus harm the guardian bulldogs reputation will also be banned and loses all privileges.

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